Hedley Downtown Core

The following is a brief description and history of the Hedley downtown core. In further posts I will write about some of the other public structures in town.

Hedley Post Office

Hedley Post Office: owned by Ken and Heather Knight. The building was in dire need of upgrading when the Knights purchased it. Part of the lower floor has long been occupied by Canada Post. Although there is little information as to when the P.O. moved into this building, it is known that it was given a facelift in 1938. Also, longtime postmaster T.C. Knowles was appointed to the position in 1937 and served his entire term in this building. Initially the Post Office was located in Schuberts Mercantile, near the creek. In 1913 it moved to Love’s Drug Store.

According to current Post Master Ruth Woodin, when she came to Hedley the room next to the PO served one day a week as an outlet for the Valley First Credit Union.


Strayhorse Station with Hedley Inn & Hostel

 Strayhorse Station With Hedley Inn & Hostel: In earlier times this was a one story structure and served as the Hedley Fire Station and also as the office for the Hedley Improvement District. It is now owned by Ken and Heather Knight. The Knights enlarged the structure and added a second story. New siding and windows have greatly added to the appearance of the Hedley downtown area. At this time it is primarily operated as an inn and hostel.

Hitching Post Restaurant

Hitching Post Restaurant: According to Hedley researcher Jennifer Douglass, in 1913 two entrepreneurs, James Schubert and Frank French opened and operated the Hedley Trading Post in this building. It is now a thriving restaurant owned and operated by Brenda Gould and Wilson Wiley. When they arrived in Hedley some years ago they initially lived in the smallest house in town. They have developed a solid reputation for excellent cuisine and a warm, historic ambience. Many of the restaurant’s patrons come from neighbouring communities, specifically to dine. Often people from more distant locations stop for a meal because they have heard of it from friends.


Hedley Country Market

Hedley Country Market: According to Jennifer Douglass, in 1904 this was Fraser’s Fraternity Hall. Several organizations used it, including the Masons, the Loyal Orange Lodge, Wood Bin of America (a Tradesmens’ organization) and the Anglican Church. It is now owned by Doug and T.J. Bratt.  Prior to buying the store,(once owned by The One Way Adventure Foundation), TJ owned a small confectionary and liqour outlet across the street. She and Doug Bratt have built the store into a successful enterprise. They have the only liquor outlet in town. Both Doug and TJ are deeply involved with the Hedley Community Club.

5 thoughts on “Hedley Downtown Core”

  1. Art, you may not know this, but Gina and I and our family lived in on the second floor, when it was owned by the OWAF. Besides our own three boys we fostered two of the most difficult children in Foundation care. Boy, does this bring back memories.

  2. Art,

    For a real history of Hedley, please check with Derik Lily who grew up playing in the ruins of the old mine sight. Additional history of building ownership might include the OWAF which owned the mercantile, the post office building, and the Restaurant whose previous ownership was Mosey Brown and Jimmy Demetrius who had named the restaurant “The Golden Nickel” which had customers on a regular basis from Kelowna. Quite a history in your little community, and it captured 10 years of our lives. In addition to all of this is the home that Len and Jeans lived in, and that their children, Tim, Georgina, and Elizabeth really grew up in. By have you sparked some memories this morning. Thank you for the journey down memory lane.

    1. Moses Brown made the most awesome burgers I have ever had. I too messed around the old mine, climbed inside the rock crusher. 🙂 I myself running down memory lane missing the people I knew, the fun times and the town itself. when I moved there they said I would never leave … guess a lil part of me will always be a Hedleyite

  3. where the Strayhorse station is used to be the old fire dept. when they built the new fire dept. building my parents won the old one at an auction. We turned it into Hedley Convenience Store / Liquor Agency Store. We ended up selling that to the Amos family… sad it is gone but i do like what became of the site 🙂

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