Photos By Terry Friesen

"Back in the Day" by Terry Friesen
“Back in the Day” by Terry Friesen

I discovered Terry Friesen’s online photos approximately 2 years ago and have returned to them repeatedly since then. I called Terry at his home in Abbotsford this week and asked if I could “borrow” pictures occasionally for my blog. He very graciously acquiesced so from time to time I will post examples of his photography.

In his work life Terry refers to himself as a Re-decorator. He paints and hangs wall paper (including tricky murals) He has frequently written on his blog (  about jobs just completed. For me it’s fascinating reading. For anyone contemplating giving a new face to their home it can be helpful.

Terry said he doesn’t do new homes. “From the beginning, I learned to be very careful around my customers’ furniture,” he said. “My son Andrew is my partner. He’s even more careful. It’s a privilege to work together with him. Working for customers in their homes is a lot more enjoyable for me than dealing with contractors. Contractors are more interested in getting the job done fast than in quality work.”

I hope you will enjoy Terry’s photos as much as I do. You can view a broad range of his photos at



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