Prettiest Girl In Manning Park

Along Highway #3 between Hope and Princeton, Mother Nature’s face alters dramatically with the change of seasons. Travelling the

Manning Park in Winter
Manning Park in Winter

route this week, Linda and I were favoured with a blue sky day. The sun was not warm but its rays on the whiteness of the snow clad mountains created a radiant wonderland. A thick layer of snow clung to each evergreen. It was an amazing display of splendour that captured and enthralled us completely. We stopped alongside the highway and inhaled this marvel of creation through all our senses.

For many years we have pulled off the road at Manning Park Lodge to pick up coffee to go. It was a disappointment to us when the business went into receivership some time ago and the lodge closed. Fortunately it was reopened when a new ownership took over. Since then we’ve noticed they are investing in improvements. We have also noticed that they are attracting conventions. More important to us, at times they have a sign along the highway saying “Stop in for Free Coffee.”

Several years ago we began chatting briefly with Laura who was

Laura - The Prettiest Girl in Manning Park
Laura – The Prettiest Girl in Manning Park

often at the till in the store. One day I commented on her shorter hair. “That shows you are regulars here,” she said chuckling. Laura is invariably congenial, very pleasant toward customers. She laughs easily and always looks great. Linda and I think of her as “the prettiest girl in Manning Park.” Apparently she is also a capable organizer. When the new company took over, she was invited to stay on and was appointed to the position of Store Manager.

The Hope-Princeton Highway is a drive worth taking, both for the incomparable beauty of nature and the fresh, (occasionally free) coffee.  And, it’s an opportunity to meet the prettiest girl in Manning Park.

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  1. I have know Laura for about 5 yrs now, She is a very Beautiful young women. I lived in Manning for 9 yrs until April, My husband Wayne passed away there, he was the ski hill bus driver and PFO. Laura was vey helpful, when I needed something she did her magic and it was done. I know that Wayne “loved” her, she had a very special place in his heart for her.I’m really hoping that she gets the Employee of the year. for this year. Thank you. Sincerely yours. Kathy McKay

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