Princeton Music Festival A Success

When our friends Terry and Lis Friesen of Abbotsford visited here this past Saturday, they commented on how busy Princeton was. They did not know this was the weekend of the Princeton Traditional Music Festival. Linda and I enjoyed it for a few hours on Sunday.

Jon Bartlett, one of the main organizers of the festival.
Jon Bartlett, one of the main organizers of the festival.

I met Jon Bartlett. He and Rika Ruebsaat are the visionaries and primary organizers who make the festival happen. Jon told me the attendance for the weekend was an estimated 2,000. “It’s about the right number,” he said. “It allows for interaction between performers and the audience.”

There were 2 main stages, with canopies to shield performers and audiences from the sun. Saturday was a scorcher. Should have been a boon for sellers of ice cream and drinks.

"Liberty" performing.
“Liberty” performing.

We particularly enjoyed “Liberty,” a band from the interior of B.C. Cousin Verna’s friend, Bob Cameron (Cam) played the guitar in this group. They featured Irish music.

The Vancouver Morris Men, clad in white, performed a series of vibrant dances on the street. They required more space than was afforded by a stage. Accompanied by several musical instruments, there was a lot of strenuous kicking of legs, waving of large white handkerchiefs and some well timed verbal outbursts. A riveting performance. The Morris is a traditional British dance.

The Vancouver Morris Men
The Vancouver Morris Men

One non-musical event was offered by the Okanagan Valley School of Massage. This was a half hour massage by donation. Our friend Sharlene had come with us and took advantage of this service. It seemed to be the highlight of her day. I asked if she was a new woman. Virtually vibrating with pleasure at the memory of the experience she said “yes!”

For further information about the festival and Jon and Rika, see my blog a couple of weeks ago. (“Princeton Traditional Music Festival”).

3 thoughts on “Princeton Music Festival A Success”

  1. I was there, had a great time as a performer, audience member and enjoyed some great, inexpensive food from Coco’s and Tomasina’s.
    I shared a table at Tomasina’s with a lady who told me about plans for an upcoming (September?, October?…) workshop weekend in Hedley to teach the nuts and bolts of installing solar panels, and information on possible integration of output to the grid. Unfortunately, I didn’t write the dates down and I’d like to attend. Have you any information about this?
    I understand local hardware sellers and installers will be at booths/tables to inform and presumably sell their wares and services…..maybe they have dates?
    I would really appreciate some more solid info., if you have it.

    1. I’m very pleased that you enjoyed the Traditional Music Festival. Jon & Rika certainly know how to organize an outstanding event. For many of us, it’s one of the highlights of the year. I’ve passed your contact information on to Robin Ford, who is organizing the Solar workshop. She assured me she will respond to your inquiry. Art

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