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Just over a week ago Linda and I drove Royal to Camp Tulahead . The camp is situated in a narrow section of the valley between Princeton and Merritt. It’s a pristine, peaceful setting, a perfect place for children and youths to forget about whatever issues they had at school and get away from parents and siblings. Tulahead also offers an opportunity to challenge body, mind and spirit. Royal has been to the camp in previous years, as has his older sister Tabitha. The family has always participated fully and energetically in the bottle drive organized by Hedley Grace Church to help with expenses. Some families contribute toward the tuition. The church covers the shortfall.

A week later when we returned to the camp to pick up Royal, he took us on a mini tour of the place, beginning with the climbing wall. He estimated it to be about 30 feet high. A good estimate, I thought. I would have loved to watch the campers climb it, but had to be content with a couple of photos.

Royal at the climbing wall
Royal at the climbing wall

He also showed us the outdoor chapel where the campers and staff meet in the morning. Surrounded by trees, it’s rustic but quite adequate. Here they sing, pray, listen to a meditation, and engage in meditation themselves if they choose to.

One of the highlights for Royal was winning an archery contest. He does archery at home so he has experience with a bow. Being lean and fit is a benefit in archery.

Tim, the camp director was wandering among the campers and came to us for a chat. He said Royal had done well, which we were pleased to hear. While we were asking Tim questions about the camp, Royal joined a small group of friends. I asked if I could take a picture for the blog. They seemed pleased and readily agreed.



When we arrived back at his home just east of Hedley, he thanked us and gave us each a warm hug. We sensed that the week at Camp Tulahead had produced some very positive inner growth.

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