Snow Sculpture in Hedley

In a large population centre like Vancouver, we expect a variety of talent and skills. With a meagre population base such as we have in Hedley, we have to accept that in the realm of the arts, entertainment, sports, etc. there will be a smaller pool of talent. For this reason, when an individual unexpectedly exhibits skill in some area, we are pleasantly surprised.

This was the case when I received a phone call from Graham Gore, manager of the Hedley Fire Department and pastor of the local church. “Have you seen the snow sculpture our mutual neighbour created?” he asked. Unfortunately I can’t reveal the name of the sculptor because he abhors personal publicity. I can tell you that his background is in highway maintenance, certainly not in the arts. I admitted I wasn’t even aware of this recent creation.

Night photo by Linda Martens
Night photo by Linda Martens

“It’s where Webster and Scott intersect, not far from the Cenotaph,” he told me. Although it was already almost totally dark, Linda and I grabbed the camera and hurried to the site.

Thanks to the snow plowing crew that visited our community last Tuesday evening and worked well into the night, several large piles of snow had been heaped up around town. Our neighbour had selected one of these for his sculpting effort, a gleeful “SpongeBob” perched high on the mound. Although not nearly as ambitious, it reminds me of the heads of 4 U.S. presidents carved into the granite rock of Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.

Linda snapped a picture and Graham also sent me his photos of it.

Hedley's "SpongeBob" photo by Graham Gore
Hedley’s “SpongeBob”
photo by Graham Gore

The only outdoor item of permanent art work in Hedley is a painting of a blacksmith at work. It was commissioned some time ago by the One Way Adventure Foundation and adorns the end wall of the Post Office.

Unfortunately the snow sculpture will not enjoy the same longevity, but in the meantime it pleases us to know that someone in our midst chose to delight us with a talent we were not previously aware of. We accept that Hedley’s version of “SpongeBob” isn’t likely to last long, but of course there is the possibility someone will come up with a coating that will preserve it for posterity.

A big thank you from all of us to Hedley’s # 1 Sculptor.

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