Icing the Sugar Cookies

It’s been a busy baking week for Linda. Brown bread, white buns, and sugar cookies. The bread and buns are pretty much for

Art Icing the Sugar Cookies
Art Icing the Sugar Cookies

Christmas meals with family and friends. The sugar cookies are to give away, in some cases to people we hardly know, or don’t know at all, but would like to know. We’ve had a number of new people come to town this year, either as property owners or as tenants. In her Christmas letter local realtor Susan Collins said 9 properties have changed ownership.

Back to the sugar cookies. Last year Linda made them in several shapes. This year, to economize on time, it’s just Christmas trees. I offered to help with applying icing and sprinkles. Although until this time I had no experience, Linda agreed to let me assist.

As soon a I began though, she ceased applying icing in mid-stroke. I quickly became aware she was scrutinizing my efforts. It was a certain indication my skill level was deficient, at least according to her standard. I resolved to try harder.

In spite of my increased concentration, she apparently decided I required some tutelage. I didn’t mind. Actually, I was pleased she saw enough potential in me to make the effort to train me.

Patiently she instructed me in getting the icing to the very edge of the cookies. Not too much icing and not too little. It was also important to spread the sprinkles on the cookies, not on the floor.

We completed the job in a spirit of harmony and I think she might have been willing to give me a C for effort. I didn’t consider it wise to ask.

Last year Mike, who lives down the street with his brother, expressed a lot of appreciation for the cookies. “My mom used to make them when I was a kid,” he told Linda upon meeting her on the street. “I haven’t had sugar cookies in years. I love them.” With that level of endorsement he is definitely on the list again this year.

We enjoy giving away the cookies. It gives us a reason to knock on the doors of some people who don’t participate in community events. Some we virtually never see.

We have been amazed in our time here at the way some individuals reach out to help when there is a need. These people are a tremendous example to us. They make Hedley a gentler community, a good place to live and to grow into the senior years.

Certainly a few cookies is not a significant gift. However, when people show us a small kindness, we take it as an indication they value the relationship. Giving cookies is our way of telling the recipients we value them as friends and members of our community. We hope that even if they are busy, or don’t want human contact, they will feel blessed.
* * *
Christmas is at hand. We had a nice 15 inch snowfall about 2 weeks ago. There will certainly be more. Presently it’s pleasant in Hedley with the mercury hovering at about zero this evening.
* * *

I invite you to watch for our Christmas story, “Only a Child, Only at Christmas.” Coming soon.

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